We are an approved repair facility and trusted engine professionals

RDS Technics provides in-house all the N.D.T. Non-Destructive Testing requirements for your ferrous and nonferrous parts. Engine Manufactures have very distinct requirements for the N.D.T. inspection of all the engine parts. All inspectors have the proper Level training requirements needed to inspect your parts.

Magnetic Particle Inspection is an N.D.T. process used for the detection of discontinuities, flaws, and cracks on the surface and/or subsurface of ferroelectric materials such as iron, nickel, cobalt and some of their alloys.

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection is an N.D.T. process for the detection of discontinuities, hairline cracks, surface porosity and fatigue cracks of non-ferrous metals.

If an engine overhaul facility is not certified and licensed to accomplish these N.D.T. procedures in-house, you can almost be assured that you are not having these processes done correctly, if at all. Visible Dye is not an acceptable practice and should not be confused with Fluorescent Penetrant Inspections which is both required by Continental Motors and Lycoming to properly inspect, repair and overhaul your engine. Anything less would deem your engine un-airworthy. Always acquire copies of the proper documentation that has been accomplished to your engine.