Precision workmanship,
high levels of expertise & quality assurance
Our Advantages
Precision workmanship, high levels of expertise & quality assurance
    An engine overhauled by RDS Technics has always brought added value to an aircraft. RDS Technics precision workmanship, high levels of expertise and a Quality Assurance Program, give you the peace of mind you deserve with every flight. Ours prices are not marked up and price based on the average condition of engines received. You receive the best price up front.
    An engine by RDS Technics offers you the benefits of reliability, safety, performance and endurance. Our Quality Assurance Department maintains complete traceability of each part that goes into producing an RDS Technics engine. From disassembly to final testing, each step of your engine overhaul is inspected and documented to assure you of the highest quality product. Customers have peace of mind flying with an engine overhauled by RDS Technics.
    As an independent engine overhaul facility, RDS Technics has an advantage over the original engine manufacturer (OEM). The OEM is limited to using their own parts but at RDS Technics, we can install what is determined to be the best and highest quality parts available for your engine. All of our engines are assembled to factory new fits and clearances. The manufacture’s 100% parts replacement criteria is RDS Technics’ minimum standard guideline.
    We have nearby airport access enabling you to fly in, have your engine removed, overhauled and reinstalled with a minimum of inconvenience. We guarantee you minimum downtime and also offer an exchange program to suit your needs. With a 20,000 square foot facility, we are here to serve and meet your needs in a timely and cost effective manner.
    After disassembly all engines undergo a thorough cleaning process by chemical and/or mechanical means. This process will prepare your engine parts for numerous detailed inspection procedures. These detailed inspections are just some of the reasons that many parts not meeting RDS Technics’ critical inspection standard are replaced. All ferrous reciprocating and rotational parts are magnetic particle inspected, both circularly and longitudinally for surface and subsurface flaws. Ultrasonic Testing is accomplished to the crankshafts, when applicable. Liquid Penetrant Testing is also utilized to detect flaws in nonferrous castings. All NDT inspections are accomplished by minimum Level II certified inspectors. All parts are inspected visually and dimensionally in accordance with the manufacture’s specifications. Aluminum parts have a corrosion inhibitor treatment applied, preserving the parts against future deterioration. All painted parts are coated with custom high temperature enamel paint.
    All our engines are overhauled to Factory new fits and clearances. Hydraulic lifters are flow matched to provide bleed-down rates that will enhance the performance of your engine. The Connecting rods, pistons and counterweights are matched and balanced per the manufacture’s requirements. All engines overhauled by RDS Technics not only incorporate this static balancing requirement but also incorporate a dynamic balance of the internal rotational parts. This process considerably improves the life and operational characteristics of your engine. The improved parts balancing process delivers a more efficient, powerful and smoother running engine with less wear on the parts than an engine that is not taken to the parameters of this process. This also reduces the vibrational effects that the pilot will experience in the cockpit. Each engine RDS Technics provides comes with a 2 year warranty and is transferable from one owner to the next.
    Each engine is fully tested in our diagnostically equipped test cell and operated through its full range to confirm that it meets or exceeds the manufacture’s parameters set forth for the engine. We are one of the few shops that test cell run the turbocharged engines with the turbocharger installed, thus verifying full power output. All pressures, temperatures and operational characteristics are verified so that when you receive your engine it is ready for installation with only minimal adjustments required when mounted into your airframe. All Mandatory Service Bulletins (MSB) and Airworthiness Directives (AD) are complied with at the time of overhaul. Our work is accomplished utilizing the most current applicable Overhaul Manual revisions and criteria.


Mandatory parts replacement at overhaul and during repair or maintenance, Service Bulletin No. 240V


Mandatory parts replacement at overhaul and during repair or maintenance, Service Bulletin No. 240V
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