Servis a údržba letadel

We are a dynamic and growing GA aircraft maintenance company. Our spacious and professionally equipped service center can be found at the airport in Líně in Hangar 1. At the airport there is a maintained concrete runway, you can use our services all year round.

Our company holds the Organization certificate with combined rights No. CZ.CAO.0002 issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic in connection with the maintenance, continuing-airworthiness management and review of aircraft up to a maximum take-off weight of 2730 Kg.

Our staff are professionals with extensive experience in maintenance and aviation. The quality and complexity of their work is our priority, as is the satisfaction of our customers. We guarantee a responsible, professional and superior approach to your needs and aircraft.
Our technicians are also active pilots. They can practically test the airplane after repair with the customer and thus ensure maximum flight safety in terms of the technical condition of the airplane.
For our clients, we provide the following services:
We perform scheduled and non-scheduled aircraft maintenance, including:
  • malfunctions and damage,
  • structural repairs,
  • performing of SB and AD,
  • avionics installations/upgrades,
  • washing of aircraft with professional products

At the same time, we provide:

  • Continuing Airworthiness Management
  • Airworthiness review and Permit to Fly.
  • Maintenance and repair of ultralight aircraft, powered hang gliders,
  • Last but not least, we carry out renovation and maintenance of historic aircraft
We provide service for the following aircraft:

Based on the obtained certificate No. CZ.CAO.0002, we are authorized to perform maintenance of the following types of aircraft:

  • Cessna 100/200 series (Lycoming, Continental)
  • Piper PA-28/PA-34
  • PS-28 Cruiser
  • Zlín 42, 43, 142, 126, 226
  • L 200 A,D
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