Global Carbmate Ts-110

Overview CarbMATE displays the difference in vacuum intake settings of two separate carburetors (or fuel injection throttle valves) on the same engine very precisely on a single transverse ?East-West? 9 fixed resolution LED display. FeaturesCarbMATE, the cost-effective electronic replacement for mercury sticks, with the advantage of solid state electronic measurement that does not break if you drop it.Adjustable resolution accuracy of 2 ? 0.5cmH; ZERO: center the displayed value before synchronizing.METHOD: Compare 2 carburetors or injection throttle bodies (4 possible with 2 ? 4 cylinder adapter) and view on a single display the difference in pressure between two manifolds.STYLE/INCLUDED: ABS enclosure, fuel & oil resistant rubber hoses, DC supply socket with a 6.5ft / 200cm power lead, protective holster and manual.Premium TecMate diagnostic tool. 2-year limited warranty. BenefitsFar easier than vacuum style gauges!Fine tuning, meets or exceeds OEM standards!Super easy to use!Power the unit straight for your bike!Peace of Mind!