Avstar Overhaul Exchange Fuel Manifold - Flow Divider

Overview Avstar Overhaul Exchange for Precision Fuel Manifold (Flow Divider).AvStar is a proud supplier to Lycoming Engines for both their NEW,REMANUFACTURED & OVERHAULED Factory Engines. The engines are built to the latest Lycoming flow curves. AvStar's expertise of 50 years experience in fuel control technology.The best quality and price in the industry. FeaturesStronger & Lighter Main Body Material:AL 6061-T6 Billet Machined Throttle Body to Bowl30% increase in yield strength over legacy cast materialEliminates plug thread deterioration causing leaksLegacy castings are prone to cracks and porosityAVStar's Fuel Systems average a 15% reduction in weight by design resulting in lower operating costsCorrosion Resistance:Fully anodized billets have much higher corrosion resistance than legacy castingsMore stainless components in each fuel systemConsistent Air Fuel Ratio Performance:Billet machined venturi's for improved and consistent air flowsOptimized air fuel metering using advanced fluid dynamic analysis validated by the world's largest piston engine manufacturer, Lycoming Engines