Avstar Carburetor - New Outright

Overview Avstar Carburetor for the New Outright Series. FeaturesNewer, Robust Gasket Material:Eliminates legacy gasket relaxation causing body-to-bowl fuel leaksIncreased Float Clearance in Bowl:Larger machined cavity allowing more clearance preventing floats from stickingIncreased fluid volume for optimal upper range performanceStronger & Lighter Main Body Material:AL 6061-T6 Billet Machined Throttle Body to Bowl30% increase in yield strength over legacy cast materialEliminates plug thread deterioration causing leaksLegacy castings are prone to cracks and porosityAVStar's Fuel Systems average a 15% reduction in weight by design resulting in lower operating costsCorrosion Resistance:Fully anodized billets have much higher corrosion resistance than legacy castingsMore stainless components in each fuel systemConsistent Air Fuel Ratio Performance:Billet machined venturi's for improved and consistent air flowsOptimized air fuel metering using advanced fluid dynamic analysis validated by the world's largest piston engine manufacturer, Lycoming Engines