B&C Bc460-H Alternators

Overview BC460-H saves both weight AND money ? without sacrificing performance or reliability. Rather than following the ?Bigger is Better? line of thinking, the BC460-H has been designed for superior efficiency (maximum output-per-pound). With modern avionics and LED lighting, aircraft electrical systems are becoming more frugal than ever. What is needed is not a bigger alternator, but rather, a better alternator ? one with genuine quality, durability, and efficiency. The BC460-H is built with that in mind, featuring heavy-duty sealed ball bearings, two internal cooling fans, and a precision dynamically-balanced rotor (rare in the industry, but standard on every B&C!). More than that, it has three attachment points for stable mounting, and provision for external, aircraft-style alternator control with over-voltage protection. The BC460-H may be used in either a 14 volt or 28 volt electrical system, and includes your choice of Boss (Wide Deck) or Case (Narrow Deck) mounting brackets, attachment hardware, belt tension arm, high-performance belt, and pre-wired field connector assembly. Weight: 7.1 lbs. The Boss Mount BC460-H mounts on the machined pad on the bottom of the engine opposite the starter and uses a U-shaped bracket and two 5/16" national coarse bolts. NOTE: L-40, BC460-H, BC410-H, and BC462-H alternators require external regulators - use: P/N 07-06742 (LR3C) for 14V Primary, P/N 07-06786 (LS-1A) for 28V Primary, P/N 07-03461 (SB1B-14) for 14V Standby, and P/N 07-03462 (SB1B-28) for 28V Standby.