Plane Power C28-150S Factory New Alternator Without Debris Shield & Blast Tube

Overview C28-150S-FR, Factory New 28V/150A, without Debris Shield and Blast Tube Dual cooling fans ensure effective cooling and unmatched durability even in low engine RPM/high output installations. Compact size simplifies installation and ongoing inspections. FAA-PMA approved, no STC required for installation. Plane-Power C28-150 line of FAA-PMA certified, 28V/150 Amp high output, gear-driven alternators. The Plane-Power C28-150S gear-driven alternators deliver more continuous power at lower engine RPMs than any other aircraft alternator. Aircraft owners with high electrical demand during ground operations; such as those with sophisticated avionics suites or electrically-driven air conditioning systems, will appreciate the abundant electrical power they will get at idle with these Plane-Power alternators. Core Return PolicyAny unit being returned for core orwarranty core credit shall be, as removed from theengine, complete and not disassembled. No core orwarranty core credit will be allowed for automotiveunits. Units that are rusty or cannot be overhauledfor any reason will be classified as scrap, havingno value. Units which have been weld repaired, aswell as units which have been disassembled and thenreassembled with old parts, will also be classifiedas scrap, having no value. A percentage of the corevalue will be charged for all missing or damagedparts. At no time will the damaged or missing partscharge on any unit exceed the core value of thatunit.1. Core will only be acceptedfor credit 12 months from date of invoice.2.Cores returned in excess of cores invoiced willnot be accepted.3. Cores must be of likepurchase, a directly superseded unit or replaced unit when installing an STC'd product.4.Competitive product cores are acceptable returns.5. Cores must have a legible data tag for part and serial number verification.Note: Customer will needto provide core for overhaul in the event oursupplier does not have cores available tooverhaul.