B&C Alternator 12 Amp Gear Driven For Continental

Overview 12 Amp Alternator for the Continental Engines (C-75 through O-300). First introduced by B&C Specialty Products in 1980, the 200G has provided reliable service for thousands of customers. This gear-driven alternator for the Continental engines provides 12.8 amps @ 4500 alternator RPM, while weighing only 3.4 lbs.?a savings of 8 lbs over the OEM generator. Featuring a unique permanent magnet design, the 200G uses heavy-duty sealed ball bearings for long life, and a mating flange machined from solid billet aluminum for superior strength. Ships with a matching regulator and 504-1 or 504-2 PM/OV kit. This alternator is sold without the Continental alternator gear assembly. See 07-06500 for the Gear Assembly. For Experimental Aircraft ONLY