Skytronics Jasco 7555H-72B Alternator

Overview The Jasco alternator is STC'd for many aircraft including the early Cessna 150, 172, and 175 series as well as Beech Model 35's with early E series Continental engines. Applicable to Continental C-90, 0-200 and 0-300 engines. Available for 14V systems only. Well-proven over many years of use in a variety of aircraft. STC'd for Cessna 150-170, 172, 175, Beech 35 Series, Navion A. Skytronics Kit #6560-1.Click here to download the STC List in PDF. Similar ItemsClick here for 6560-1 Alternator KitClick here for Gear Driven AlternatorsClick here for Voltage Regulators Kit Includes24707555H-72B Kit07-00702Alternator7555H-72B07-07555J12M24SPH Reg. ControllerJ12M24SPH07-0031417-10 Resist. 150 omega17-1007-01710