Lamar Electrical Components

Overview The Lamar MC10 is a master electrical control unit developed for 14V and 24V single engine experimental aircraft. It is designed to mount on the firewall or fuselage. It houses all the major electrical components except for the battery, starter, and alternator. The MC10 provides a greater degree of protection against moisture, dust and accidental electrical shorts along with the convenience of all the primary electrical components in one location. Features low installation cost, ease of installation and simplified troubleshooting and repair with several new performance and safety features. * All astricked items are available through OEM only. FunctionsMaster (battery) (solenoid) control closing the master switch on pilot's panel connects the battery to the primary bus3 aircraft bus outputs, protected via resetable circuit breakersAlternator Control; voltage regulation, overvoltage protection, field output over-load protection, alternator feeder fault protectionStarter control (solenoid)Low voltage warning.(L model also includes overvoltage, over-current and reverse-current annunciation)Battery charge/ discharge ammeter drive (current shunt)Clock output (always-on) pro-tected with easily accesible external mounted fuseGround power receptacle & control (solenoid) with reverse polarity protection