Donaldson Air Filters

Overview Donaldson has been the OEM source for Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, and Maule & Mooney since the 1960's. They currently supply Cessna all of their SE Piston aircraft filters, Beech Bonanza & Baron filters, Mooney & Maul with their filters. For Piper they currently supply all of their Turbo charge aircraft with filters. Factory authorized distributor for Donaldson filters *Images are representative of the product and may not be the exact item shown. FeaturesHigh Performance Engine Intake FiltersSynthetic media: offers improved air flow and better dust capturing efficiencyEngineered to last 500 Flight HoursWashable filter element, use compressed air/warm soapy waterVisually inspect the filter at 100 hours remove and clean only as neededSee document P46-9075 for complete servicing detailsClean installation: dry media, no sticky/messy oil to trap dirtOEM choice for GA aircraft for over 30 yearsMeets All Flammability requirements per FAR 23.853Solid Construction with no removable parts - no loose screens, elements or screwsDedicated Website to General Aviation products Donaldson General AviationExceptional wet weather performance, no oil to wash away in wet weatherMoisture passes thru the filter, doesn't build up an oiled surfaces (no oil present)Only filters with * after part number have cellulous mediaAll filters starting with "P" feature our Premium Synthetic filter mediaNo Airworthiness Directives against Synthetic media filtersCost efficient over the life of the filter, 3 years, 500 FH 5 cleanings