Brackett Air Filters

Overview Note: if you know which air filter or element number you need, simply type it into the search to quickly locate the individual part's product page. If you don't know, please use this page as a guide to find what you need then use the drop-down selector to order the correct model number. The specially treated polyurethane element in the Brackett filter assures near total protection from any foreign material entering the system. Repels water, fire retardant and has good air flow for proper fuel/air ratio. Has no pleats to collect dirt. Low-cost maintenance with increased engine life. FAA approved. Replace original air filter unit with a Brackett assembly. Thereafter, throw away element and replace with new one at minimal cost. Partial List, request prices on unlisted Aircraft Applications. Application GuideBA3Diameter: 6-5/8"x 11"Thickness: 1"Height: 3-5/4"Weight: ..50 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA3BA4Length: 13-1/2"Width: 4-1/2"Height: 1"Weight: .14 lbs (Approximate)P/N 08-00559BA14Length: 10-1/4"Width: 3-1/2"Height: 1"Weight: .14 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA14BA16Length: 5-15/16"Width: 5-15/16"Height: 1"Weight: .04 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA16STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA19Length: 6-1/4"Width: 3-3/4"Height: 2"Weight: .08 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA19STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA21Length: 17-3/8"Width: 5-1/2"Height: 2"Weight: .26 lbs (Approximate)P/N 08-01255BA100Length:10-7/8"Width: 6-3/8"Height: 2"Weight: 1.1 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA100Element - BA7STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA101Length: 7-1/2"Width: 7"Height: 1"Weight: .58 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA101Element - BA8STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA102Outer Diameter: 8-1/8"Height: 4-1/8"Weight: .62 lbs (Approximate)Thickness: 1"P/N 08-21102Element - BA2P/N 08-01249STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA103Outer Diameter: 8-7/8"Height: 5-3/4"Weight: .70 lbs (Approximate)Thickness: 1"P/N 08-01250Element - BA9P/N 08-01251STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA104Outer Diameter: 6-5/8 x 11"Height: 3-5/8"Weight: .50 lbs (Approximate)Thickness: 1"P/N BA104Element - BA3STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA105Outer Diameter: 8"Height: 3-3/4"Weight: .44 lbs (Approximate)Thickness: 1"P/N BA105Element - BA10STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA106Outer Diameter: 6"Height: 3-1/2"Weight: .34 lbs (Approximate)Thickness: 1"P/N BA106Element - BA11STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA107Outer Diameter: 6"Height: 7-1/4"Weight: .60 lbs (Approximate)Thickness: 1"P/N 08-05888Element - BA12P/N 08-02112STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA108Outer Diameter: 6"Height: 9-1/4"Weight: 1.26 lbs (Approximate)Thickness: 1"P/N BA108Element - BA13STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA109Outer Diameter: 10-1/4"Height: 3-1/2"Weight: .56 lbs (Approximate)Thickness: 1"P/N BA109Element - BA22STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA110Outer Diameter: 8-1/8"Height: 3-1/8"Weight: .42 lbs (Approximate)Thickness: 1"P/N BA110Element - BA23P/N 08-02123STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA111Outer Diameter: 4-5/8"Height: 5-3/4"Weight: .36lbs (Approximate)Thickness: 1"P/N BA111Element - BA24STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA112Outer Diameter: 6"Height: 8-1/2"Thickness: 1"P/N 08-21112Element - BA13STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA113Outer Diameter: 6-1/2"Thickness: 2"Weight: .34 lbs. (Approximate)P/N BA113Element - BA25STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)NOTE: This is for the Navion A, but only those with the (E) Series Engine.BA115Outer Diameter: 10"Height: 3-3/8"Thickness: 1"Weight: .54 lbs. (Approximate)P/N BA115Element - BA15STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA118Outer Diameter: 6-3/16"Inner Diameter: 4-2/5"Height: 6-1/4"Thickness: 7/8"Weight: .56 lbs. (Approximate)P/N 08-00118Element - BA18P/N 08-02118STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA120Outer Diameter: 7-7/8"Height: 2-5/8"Thickness: 3/4"Weight: .38 lbs. (Approximate)P/N BA120Element - BA20STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA121Outer Diameter: 5-1/3"Height: 3-1/2"Thickness: 7/8"Weight: .28 lbs. (Approximate)P/N BA121Element - BA27STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA151Length: 9-7/8"Width: 8-9/16"Height: 2"Weight: .76 lbs. (Approximate)P/N 08-01243Element - BA151EP/N 08-01244STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA162Length: 6-1/2"Width: 3-3/4"Height: 3/4"Weight: .06lbs. (Approximate)-----------Element - BA162EP/N 08-01257STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA2010Length: 6"Width: 6-1/2"Height: 1"Weight: .60 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA2010Element - BA6108STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA2110Length:10"Width: 4-1/32"Height: 2"Weight: .74 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA2110Element - BA2305STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA2210LLength: 9"Width: 4-1/4"Height: 2"Weight: .90 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA2210LElement - BA2205LSTC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA2210RLength: 9"Width: 4-1/4"Height: 2"Weight: .90 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA2210RElement - BA2205RSTC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA2310Length:10"Width: 4-1/32"Height: 2"Weight: .78 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA2310Element - BA2305STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA2410Length:11-1/16"Width: 5-13/16"Height: 2"Weight: 1.0 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA2410Element - BA2405STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA2510Length:8-15/16"Width: 6-1/2"Height: 2"Weight: 1.06 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA2510Element - BA2505STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA2610LLength: 10-13/32"Width: 4-25/32"Height: 2"Weight: .50 lbs (Approximate)P/N 08-05890Element - BA2605LP/N 08-00877STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA2610RLength: 10-13/32"Width: 4-25/32"Height: 2"Weight: .50 lbs (Approximate)P/N 08-05903Element - BA2605RP/N 08-00878STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA2910Length: 10"Width: 4-1/2"Height: 2"Weight: .90 lbs (Approximate)P/N 08-05891Element - BA2905STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA3110Length: 8"Width: 5"Height: 2"Weight: .84 lbs (Approximate)P/N 08-01256Element - BA7305STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA3110ALength: 8"Width: 5"Height: 2"Weight: .70 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA3110AElement - BA7305STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA3210Length: 8"Width: 6-1/2"Height: 2"Weight: .84 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA3210Element - BA3205STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA3310Length: 11-13/16"Width: 7-9/16"Height: 2"Weight: 1.36 lbs (Approximate)----------Element - BA3305P/N 08-01260STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA3510Length: 10-7/8"Width: 5-5/8"Height: 2"Weight: 1.06 lbs (Approximate)----------Element - BA3505P/N 08-03505STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA3810Diameter: 9-1/4"Height: 2"Weight: 1.06 lbs (Approximate)----------Element - BA3805P/N 08-05892STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA3910Length: 8-1/2"Width: 5-5/8"Height: 1"Weight: .50 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA3910Element - BA3905STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA4010Length: 10"Width: 7"Height: 3/4"Weight: .64 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA4010Element - BA4005STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA4106Length: 5"Width: 5-1/2"Height: 1"Weight: .44 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA4106Element - BA4108Gasket - BA4101STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA4210Length: 5"Width: 5-1/2"Height: 1"Weight: .44 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA4210Element - BA4108STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA4310Length: 6"Width: 5"Height: 2"Weight: .64 lbs (Approximate)P/N 08-05893Element - BA4305STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA4510Length: 10"Width: 5-1/2"Height: 2"Weight: 1.00 lbs (Approximate)----------Element - BA4505P/N 08-01258STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA4810Length: 10"Width: 6-1/2"Height: 2"Weight: .98 lbs (Approximate)----------Element - BA4805P/N 08-01245STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA5110Length: 6"Width: 6-1/2"Height: 1"P/N BA5110Element - BA6108STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA5110ALength: 6"Width: 6-1/2"Height: 1"Weight: .60 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA5110AElement - BA6108STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)B5710Length: 7-3/4"Width: 6-15/16"Height: 1"Weight: .78 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA5710Element - BA5705STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA5810Length: 9"Width: 5-5/8"Height: 2"Weight: .88 lbs (Approximate)P/N 08-00879Element - BA5805STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA6110Length: 6"Width: 6-1/2"Height: 1"Weight: .62 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA6110Element - BA6108STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA6210Length: 8-23/64"Width: 5"Height: 2"Weight: .84 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA6210Element - BA6205STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA6210-1Length: 8-1/4"Width: 5"Height: 2"Weight: .74 lbs (Approximate)P/N 08-01246Element - BA6205STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA6310Length: 6-3/4"Width: 10-1/2"Height: 1"Weight: .50 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA6310Element - BA6305STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA7010Length: 6-1/2"Width: 5-7/8"Height: 2"Weight: .72 lbs (Approximate)P/N 08-01247Element - BA7005P/N 08-01248STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA7110Length: 9-3/4"Width: 5"Height: 2"Weight: .90 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA7110Element - BA7112STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA7210Length: 10"Width: 5"Height: 2"Weight: .40 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA7210Element - BA7112STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA7310Length: 7-3/4"Width: 5"Height: 2"Weight: .74 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA7310Element - BA7305STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA7410Length:10"Width: 5"Height: 2"Weight: .92 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA7410Element - BA7112STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA7510Length:8-1/4"Width: 5"Height: 2"Weight: .84 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA7510Element - BA7305STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA7610Length:10-7/16"Width: 4"Height: 2"Weight: .84 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA7610Element - BA7605STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA7710Length: 8-5/16"Width: 6-1/8"Height: 2"Weight: .84 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA7710Element - BA7705STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA7810Length:8-1/4"Width: 4-15/16"Height: 2"Weight: .54 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA7810Element - BA7805STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA8010Length: 9"Width: 7-1/16"Height: 1"Weight: .86 lbs (Approximate)P/N BA8010Element - BA8005STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA8110Length: 9-7/8"Width: 6-1/2"Height: 2"P/N BA8110Element - BA8103-1STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA8210Length: 11-13/32"Width: 10"Height: 2"P/N 08-00888Element - BA8205STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA8210-1Length: 11-13/32"Width: 10"Height: 2"Weight: 1.58 lbs. (Approximate)P/N 08-01254Element - BA8205STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA8310Length: 27"Width: 8-1/2"Height: 1"---------Element - BA8305P/N 08-08305STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA8410Length: 10-1/4"Width: 6-3/4"Height: 2"P/N BA8410Element - BA8405STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA8610Length: 8"Width: 4-5/8"Height: 2"Weight: .44 lbs. (Approximate)----------Element - BA8605P/N 08-08605STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA8710Length: 10"Width: 6-3/8"Height: 2"P/N 08-05895Element - BA8705STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA8810Outer Diameter: 5"Weight: .24 lbs. (Approximate)P/N 08-05896Element - BA8805P/N 08-08805STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)BA8910Length: 7"Width: 6"Height: 1"Weight: .60 lbs. (Approximate)P/N 08-05906Element - BA8905P/N 08-08905STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)View Mounting Attachment (PDF)BA9110 (BA-S108K)Length: 8-1/2"Width: 5-1/4"Height: 1"Weight: .28 lbs. (Approximate)P/N 08-05898Element - BA9105 (S108K-05)STC/Installation Sheet (PDF)ReplacementElementBA2605LBA7112BA7605BA7BA11**BA22BA13BA24BA2505BA8405BA4108BA6108*On 2205 Elements, specify 2205R (right) or 2205L (left).