Challenger Aviation High-Flow Air Filters

Overview Challenger Aviation Products, INC. revised November 16, 2005 note: P/N CPE-1957, CPE1040, CPE1104, CPE1151, CPE1173, CPE1202, CPE1220, CPE1956, CP1175, CP1958 CPE1179 USE P/N CP-99-0704 Sealing grease at install and must be sold with filter. installations kits are available for CP1150, CP1172, CP1177, CP1182, AND CP2003. FeaturesCan be washed & serviced up to 25 timesIncrease horse power 2-4%Fire RetardantSaves money & improves efficiencyFAA-PMA approvedEcologically soundBetter take-off and climb-out performanceFaster airspeed and/or better fuel consumptionAccordion fold design provides up to 5 times filtering surface of non-pleated designs