McFarlane Shroud Assembly Airbox Seals Kits

Overview Air Filter Shroud Assemblies for Cessna FAA-PMA approved McFarlane now has FAA-PMA approval on their improved Cessna Airbox Shroud/Seal Assemblies for various 150, 152 and 172 aircraft! McFarlane Airbox Seal Assemblies for select Cessna aircraft have drastically improved the life of their part using aluminum instead of plastic. McFarlane patented Cowl Saver Material with Bi-Flex is used with the new shroud to prevent cowl damage. BenefitsMcFarlane Air Filter Shroud Assembly body is built to last!Durable aluminum - costs less than OEM's plastic!Low friction Cowl Saver seals prevent cowl damageHelps cool the engineThey?re pretty too!