Tempest Aeroguard™ Induction Air Filter AA198290

Overview The Tempest AeroGuard? AA198290 induction air filter is manufactured using a black anodized aluminum housing and screen to prevent corrosion and fragmented media from being ingested. Designed to keep your induction system clean in the dirtiest environments, the synthetic media offers maximum airflow while still filtering out 99% of contaminants larger than 5 microns. The AA198290 induction air filter will provide you with the high quality and durability you've come to expect with Tempest AeroGuard? products. FeaturesNo minimum purchase orderBlack Anodized Aluminum HousingGreater media surface area provides maximum airflow for longer service intervals.Greater than 99% of contaminants larger than 5 microns are filtered out.Reusable and washable synthetic media maximizes airflow and filters contaminants more effectively.Screen design prevents fragmented media from being ingested, improving safety, complying with FAR23.1107 (b). ApprovalsPMA No. PQ1206CE Supplement 116Textron Aviation (Cessna): 182S (S/n 80001 thru 80244 if SB98-71-02 is complied with). 182S (S/N 80245 thru 80944)Cirrus Design Corporation: SR20 (S/N 2339 and up)